Month: March 2013

Williams Ringer backglass restoration

A 1970s Williams Ringer EM arcade game glass walked into the shop needing restoration. Lots of ink delamination made this glass less than stellar condition. It was definitely due for an upgrade. We scanned in the original glass and pantone color corrected it, and fixed the flaws. Below are the before and after pictures.

Williams Grand Prix backglass restoration

This 1976 Williams Grand Prix glass walked into the shop with issues. Besides the fading and flaking of the reds, there was crazing and delamination of ink on much of the translucent areas of the glass. Our job was to restore this glass to as-new condition. Check out the before and after pictures below.

Bally Centaur backglass restoration

The iconic 1981 Bally Centaur is often requested as a glass that needs restoration. We’ve done a fair number of these in the past, due to the game’s popularity. Below are picture of the before and after work (though frankly the before picture really doesn’t show a lot of work needing to be done.)

Gottlieb Royal Flush backglass restoration

The 1976 Gottlieb Royal Flush is definitely one of those classic EM pinballs (4 player version of Card Whiz). Certainly one of the best multi-player EMs of the 1970s. So when a glass came in for restoration, we were all for doing the work! The owner had an extremely nice game, and his backglass was […]

Gottlieb King of Diamonds backglass restoration

Another glass that wasn’t in terrible condition, but the owner felt it was time to make his game look a bit better with a restored glass. So we took in this 1967 Gottlieb King of Diamond backglass and restored it to like new condition. Below are the before and after pictures.

Williams Space Odyssey backglass restoration

This was one of those strange situations where someone else did the majority of the Photoshop work. Therefore I do not have a “before” picture of the original backglass. We were asked to print this for the individual, and he provided the artwork file. He also did a custom Ren & Stimpy version of the […]

CCM Twin Rifle backglass restoration

A 1973 Chicago Coin Twin Rifle gun game backglass came into the shop needing restoration. The front wasn’t too bad, but from the back of the glass, you could see significant flaking (in the reds) and touch ups. The owner wanted this glass to look nice, so we scanned it and corrected the flaws. Below […]

Bally Nitro Ground Shaker backglass restoration

We’ve been waiting for a while to do this restoration! We have a pile of old stinky 1980 Bally Nitro Ground Shaker glasses here with assorted art delamination problems, and just needed one good one to come about, so we could scan it. (It’s a lot easier working from a good glass than to re-work […]

Gottlieb Pioneer backglass restoration

A 1975 Gottlieb Pioneer came into our mitts recently with a very nice backglass. Though we had no standing orders for a Pioneer backglass restoration, we thought it was in everyone’s best interest to scan and color correct the image, for future reference. Below are the before and after pictures of that restoration, ready for […]

Williams Skylab backglass restoration

This game came our way and we thought we should archive the backglass. Though we have no one asking for this game’s restoration, sometime opportunity knocks, and we know it’s better to have the glass on file. Then when someone asks, we have it and we can easily restore it. Here’s the before and after […]

Gottlieb Eldorado backglass restoration

This 1975 Gottlieb El Dorado pinball backglass was in great shape (replay version of Gold Strike). Often a lot of the red on the original glass fades. Since it’s such a popular game we thought it best to scan and color correct the glass for future use. The before and after pictures are shown below.

Bally Mata Hari EM backglass restoration

When this Bally Mata Hari EM backglass walked in, we knew we were in for some work. Now Mata Hari EM games are rare, so the chance of finding another glass in better condition was like zero percent. So what we did was to scan a good SS version, and overlay the EM vitals on […]

Gottlieb Fire Queen backglass restoration

Of all of the 1970s Gottlieb EM pinballs, the 1977 Gottlieb Fire Queen is certainly one of the most pretty (2 player version of Vulcan). The artwork is pretty stunning. So when someone walked in with this original glass needing restoration, we were on the case. The original, though in decent condition, was having fade […]