Month: March 2014

CCM Casino restoration

The 1973 Chicago Coin Casino backglass restoration was kind of a different situation. Someone else actually had their glass scanned, and sent us the Photoshop files. We can often do this if the scan is large enough, square, and clean. Below is the output results for this game.

Bally Sharp Shooter backglass restoration

This is a really cool 1960s pellet shooter style gun game made by Bally. The original glass was totally delaminating from the glass, with clear packing tape the only thing holding it together. So we scanned it and cleaned up the artwork, with great results. Check out the before and after picture below.

CCM Criss Cross Ski Ball restoration

In walks a guy with what we would called “shattered glass in a box”, which once resembled a backglass to a 1967 Chicago Coin Criss Cross Ski Ball game. The guy literally had a box full of broken pieces. So we all sat down and played “jigsaw” and put the glass back together. It was […]