Month: December 2014

Bally Sea Ray backglass restoration

Into the shop walked a Bally Sea Ray for restoration. The original Searay was scanned in, cleaned up, and the glass repaired making it new. Wow check out the before and after pics below – the original glass was extremely faded, and peeling badly.

Gameplan Sharpshooter glass restoration

Though Gameplan games aren’t exactly the most popular, when one came into the shop for restoration, we were happy to restore it. The original was highly faded, with the reds being very diminished. Check out the before and after pictures below.

Gottlieb Silver backglass restoration

Into the shop walked a Gottlieb woodrail backglass called “Silver” for restoration. Below is the before and after pictures for this restoration. It came out quite nice! As you can see the original glass had quite a bit of damage from age and light bulb heat.

Williams Palisades backglass restoration

The 1950s Williams backglasses are often in pretty bad shape. Time is the enemy, and this game’s glass was no exception. The 1953 Williams Palisades had some great artwork, but in this case, it was largely peeled away. So a restoration was in order. Below are the before and after pictures.