Month: May 2013

Gottlieb Volley backglass restoration

This particular Gottlieb Volley score glass walked into the shop for restoration. It didn’t look like it was in bad condition, but when back lit, all the flaws were clearly shown. So we scanned in the glass and cleaned up the issues, making a good restored backglass for this game. The before and after pictures […]

Gottlieb Mini Pool backglass restoration

To date we’ve never seen this game with a good backglass. There always seems to be issues with it. It’s a cool game too, so it definitely deserves a good score glass. Someone out of NY had done a really bad reproduction which we purchased for our game. We were very disappointed with that version, […]

Gottlieb Card Whiz backglass restoration

This 1976 Gottlieb Card Whiz backglass was in nice condition, but highly faded (2 player version of Royal Flush). In fact, we can’t recall ever seeing a score glass more faded than this example. All the red areas were completely washed out. The water based inked used for this glass just didn’t hold up. Clearly […]

Williams Honey backglass restoration

This was a project we should have never taken on. The original Williams Honey backglass that was given to us for restoration was just a mess. In situations like this it’s better to wait for a better example to scan, then to do the work required to repair the missing artwork. Steve, for some reason, […]

Williams Pharaoh backglass restoration

The solidstate Williams Pharaoh backglass has a nasty habit of artwork delamination in large sheets. The glass we were asked to restored indeed had this problem, but luckily, not as bad as often seen. So we were able to scan it and restore the missing artwork in Photoshop, and make this glass look like new […]

Gottlieb Atlantis backglass restoration

Met a guy that has a Gottlieb Atlantis and his backglass was faded. He wanted a new version with bright colors. No problem! So we scanned in his glass and worked with the pantone colors in Photoshop, giving him a nice restoration to his original glass. Below are the before and after pictures. Note this […]

Gottlieb Qbert’s Quest backglass restoration

Though this glass wasn’t in particularly bad condition, the owner wanted it restored to upgrade his game. Not a particularly common game at just 884 units made. Doubt anyone else will ever need this restoration done, but we took it on anyway. Below are the before and after pictures.

Gottlieb Vulcan backglass restoration

A guy walked with with a Gottlieb Vulcan backglass that needed to be restored (4 player version of Fire Queen). But he wanted some modifications to the glass, as he was a Marvel comic book fan. So I talked to my California friend Izzy, and he agreed to do the modifications. Below are the outcome […]

Gottlieb 4 Square backglass restoration

While at a pinball show a guy walked up to us with his Gottlieb Four Square backglass in hand, wanting it restored. We were in a position to scan his glass right then and there too, so we did. Off to Photoshop for some repair of the faded and flaked artwork, and now we’re ready […]