Month: July 2014

Bally Heavy Hitter backglass restoration

We love pitch and bat games here at BGresto. So when a 1958 Bally Heavy Hitter glass walked into the shop for restoration, we were thrilled to do it. Check out the ‘before’ picture… boy did this glass need restoration! The outcome was quite good, we are very happy with the results.

Gottlieb Panthera backglass restoration

We’ve worked on this glass before, but didn’t document it here. So here’s the output from that work. Note some minor changes were made to the girl to enhance her “girlie-ness” in the second version. We also did a third version which is even more revealing…

Genco Lucky 7 backglass restoration

Another glass that we probably should have not taken on, as this customer’s game is the only one known to exist! But hey, sometimes you have to do glasses for “important” games, just because you can. Also this customer has probably had us restoration 50 other glasses, so we kind of owed him. Anyway the […]

Chicago Coin Match Bowler glass restoration

Generally we don’t do a lot of bowler score glass restorations. The reason is simple… they made so many different bowlers, it’s just too much work, and too little reward. That is, who will ever need another CCM Match Bowler glass restored (besides this one person)? Probably no one, so the work to do the […]

Gottlieb Surfer backglass restoration

We see a good many Gottlieb Surf Champ (4 player) backglasses for restoration, but it’s rare to get a Surfer (2 player) version of the game glass. Hence we were very happy to restore this glass for the owner. Note the IPB production numbers for this game and Surf Champ are incorrect.

Gottlieb Flipper Fair backglass restoration

The “Flipper” series of Gottlieb add-a-ball games in the early 1960s all tend to have problems with their score glasses. Hence we were thrilled to get the Gottlieb Flipper Fair glass into the shop for restoration. The availability of silk screened “Flipper” series of games’ backglasses seems to be non-existent, so this restoration was an […]