Month: November 2012

Bally Twin Win backglass modification

The 1971 Bally Twin Win was one of the first backglasses drawn by the infamous Dave Christensen. It’s a great glass, with an amazing looking female, who is very well drawn. The story is that Dave made a custom topless version for the Bally executives. Only a handful of these glasses were made, and most […]

Williams Beat Time backglass restoration

The 1967 Williams Beat Time pinball had some unique feature. Nothing really amazing, except for the obvious reference to the iconic rock band, the Beatles. Since it’s an unlicensed theme, Williams changed the name to “the Bootles”, but the link to the Beatles is obvious. So when this glass came in for restoration, we thought […]

Gottlieb Lawman backglass restoration

Here at we admittedly have some favorite games. The 1971 Gottlieb Lawman is certain one of them. So when a customer requested his glass be restored, we really felt like we had to take this job. The original glass wasn’t terrible, but all the reds in the transparent parts of the glass had flaked […]

Gottlieb Hot Shot backglass restoration

Not every restoration is a total pain in the butt. This 1973 Gottlieb Hot Shot had an original glass, though decent, it was faded (4 player version of Big Shot). In particular the foam backing had off-colored the graphics, like right in the center girl’s face. The owner wanted a nice new glass. Since conventional […]

Gottlieb Big Injun Backglass restoration

When the 1973 Gottlieb Big Indian pinball was first conceived, it’s original name was the slightly derogatory “Big Injun”. Gottlieb made a few sample games with this backglass, and after receiving a concerned complaint from a distributor, changed the game’s name to “Big Indian” instead. That said, this customer had an original “Big Indian” backglass […]

CCM Playball topglass restoration

In pinball, there are some games that have silkscreened top glass too. This happened mostly in the 1940s and 1950s, and one such game was the 1951 Chicago Coin Playball pinball. This is a really strange game, as it’s a reissue of sorts of the 1934 Rockala Playball pinball. The difference is where the original […]

Gottlieb Goldstrike backglass restoration

Because Gottlieb used water based inks when they originally silkscreened their backglass artwork. This was a constant for all Gottlieb backglasses which used silkscreening. Though easy to work with, water based inks don’t wear well, and certainly aren’t UV resistant. Because of this, fading is common. And below is a classic example of what happens […]

Gottlieb Quickdraw backglass restoration

When the customers showed up with his glass, initially we were thinking, “why does he want to re-do this glass?” But after looking at the back of this Gottlieb Quick Draw, it was pretty obvious why (2 player version of Fast Draw). The original water based red inks used for the transparent parts were badly […]

Williams Gulfstream backglass restoration

In the case of the 1973 Williams Gulfstream pinball, this is a typical situation where the client wanted a new glass. This particular game is not worth a lot of money, so the chance of this game’s backglass being reissued was near zero. But the client loved this game, and wanted it to look its […]

Gottlieb Harbor Lites backglass restoration

The 1956 Gottlieb Harbor Lites woodrail pinball is another great game made by Gottlieb. In this case the owner wanted their backglass to match the condition of the rest of the game. He was unable to find a reissue backglass – it is common that glasses get re-made, but then sell out, making the reissue […]

Gottlieb 2001 backglass restoration

The 1970 Gottlieb 2001 pinball is a somewhat low production machine. The client here wanted a good clean backglass to match the rest of their game. The problem is, no one has ever recreated this backglass. So we were contacted to see if their original backglass could be touched up and re-printed for this machine. […]

Gottlieb Jumpin’ Jack backglass restoration

Here we had a client that has a 1973 Gottlieb Jumping Jack pinball, and his backglass was in poor condition (2 player version of Jack in the Box). Now generally we wouldn’t take this restoration, as re-issues of this glass were available at one time from the Shay Arcade Group. But this customer wanted a […]