Month: June 2014

Bally Wiggler backglass restoration

This is a classic Bally multi-ball EM pinball. So when this glass walked into the shop for restoration, we were very happy to do it. Amazing Ted Zale game with some cool artwork. You can see the before and after pictures below. Note there is also a “green” version available too.

Williams Spanish Eyes restoration

The Williams EM “Spanish Eyes” is a very popular game, largely due to the artwork. It’s far different than other artwork of the same era. So when we got a chance to restore the glass, we tried to beat expectations. Below are the before and after pictures.

Gottlieb James Bond restoration

In to the shop walked a gentlemen with a Gottlieb James Bond score glass that was peeling badly. We scanned that glass and repaired the missing artwork, and brightened the colors. Was able to make his original glass look like new. Check out the before and after pictures. Also we did a custom version for […]