Month: March 2015

Midway Champ backglass restoration

The 1963 Midway Champ pinball is a really cool game with animated backbox cars that go around a race track. So when the score glass came into the shop for restoration, it was a welcome project. Below are the before and after pictures of the glass.

Williams Alien Poker backglass restoration

Wow this glass took *forever* to finish. The original came to the shop is less than spectacular condition. After scanning the Photoshop touch up and repair work just took a really long time (way longer than most glasses.) But it’s done now. Check out the before and after pictures.

United Leader Shuffle Alley

We don’t do a lot of bowler or shuffle alley score glass restorations, but every once in a while someone convinces us that we should do it. Here’s a United Leader Shuffle Alley before and after restoration we did for a customer.