Category: Restorations

Bally Roundup backglass restoration

I gentlemen had two Bally Roundup pinball games and only one backglass. This is a very rare game (less than 100 made), so finding another original was not going to happen. And the silk screen guys would never do this one either. So we helped him out and scanned his original and re-made a second […]

Bally Surfers backglass restoration

On this 1967 Bally Surfers backglass restoration, here’s a classic example of “too flaked to fix” versus “wow this one’s good to restore”. The first glass we received, the one right here, is an example of just too far gone to fix: So we had to wait until we received a ‘decent’ glass to scan […]

Capcom Big Bang Bar backglass restoration

Occasionally we get requests to turn a translight into a real glass backglass. This Capcom Big Bang Bar was one of those requests. Because we did this, we can clean up the translight art a bit (giving it more contrast and overall a better look). Hard to tell from the pictures, but here’s the results […]

Bally Black Rose backglass restoration

Occasionally we get a request to turn a translight into a “real” backglass. When this happens we can often fix fading or contrast issues, or modify the backglass slightly (where requested.) In this case we did a Bally Black Rose backglass transformation from translight to a real glass, with greater contrast. This particular game was […]