United Derby Roll backglass restoration

A customer walked in with a 1955 United Derby Roll backglass that was broken. Normally fixing broken backglasses isn’t too bad, but in this case, we were missing the entire lower 1/3 of the glass! So what do you do? Well we checked out the internet for sites that had pictures of the glass, and found this one to have the best pictures. Unfortunately the pictures were fairly low resolution, but what choice did we have? – It was all there was, so we used the lower 1/3 of the internet pictures to fix this backglass. The problem again with internet pictures is the resolution. Where we scan the glass at 300 DPI, internet pics will all have very low resolution (usually about 50 DPI.) This leaves a lot of dithering and loss of detail, which all must be hand corrected to look acceptable. Below are the pictures before and after. We’re pretty excited it turned out this well!

The original broken backglass, lower 1/3 missing.

Backside of the broken backglass.

Here’s the first crack at fixing the missing pieces from internet pics:

And the finished results: