Gottlieb World Beauties backglass restoration

Here’s one that was a complete pain in the butt to do! In walked a guy with a 1959 Gottlieb World Beauties pinball backglass, and it was in pretty poor condition. We took on the restoration job, but frankly, we would have been better served not doing this one! The extreme detail in the artwork (the 13 numbered girls) made this a real challenge. Check out the before and after pictures below.

Ok I know this is blasphemy, but just for fun we thought about modifying the original Roy Parker World Beauties artwork. The customer did request this, but we’re still not sure this was exactly the right thing to do. It just doesn’t quite look right – liker perverting 1950s classic artwork. (Note this glass is not available to anyone for any reason, so please don’t ask.)

Compared to the original…