Bally Zip-a-Do backglass creation

So a guy walks into the shop and say, “hey I really need a Bally Zip-a-Do backglass.” We’re like, well, we don’t sell backglasses we restore them. His response is, “I have the glass, just it’s in about 100 pieces.” Well that’s a bit of a challenge! So we do some internet searching and can’t really come up with any sort of good pictures of the game, much less the glass. But I made a call and find a guy that *does* have *one* good straight on picture of the glass. The owner of the glass-less game will take anything, so we decide to give it a shot! The thing about doing a glass this way is that the glass is not scanned. So the camera angle means everything, and can really skew the picture and the dimensions and positions of the score reel cut outs. So lots of measurements had to be taken to make this work. Here’s the outcome…

The provided photograph, with some camera skew.

What we made from the above picture, altering score window positions to match measurements.

The back mask layer. We have NO idea if this mask is correct, because no one can provide us with an actual mask picture!