Stern Galaxy backglass restoration

The good thing about these classic Stern games is the copyright is not protected, leaving many people (other than us) to reproduce the classic Stern 1977-1985 backglasses without any legal fears. Because of this, when a customer walked in with a Stern Galaxy backglass, we not only could restore his original, but can also sell duplicates. (So if you’re looking for any of the classic Stern backglasses, please contact us.) The 1979 Stern Galaxy is another one of those mirrored glasses that really didn’t need to be mirrored. I think Stern did this just to mess with us 30+ years later! The mirroring is around the score windows, and that’s it, very minor. Since doing mirroring is more work than this glass needs, we converted this area to black. We could have made it white, and experimented with that. This brightened the score window area. But due to the dark nature of the glass and the game’s theme, we decided to go with black. Check out the pictures below.

Original glass we’re working with.

Reproduction glass we created.

The mask layer original.

The mask layer re-created.