CCM Playball topglass restoration

In pinball, there are some games that have silkscreened top glass too. This happened mostly in the 1940s and 1950s, and one such game was the 1951 Chicago Coin Playball pinball. This is a really strange game, as it’s a reissue of sorts of the 1934 Rockala Playball pinball. The difference is where the original Rockola version was fully mechanical (no power at all), the CCM version does require power. Also the CCM Playball is huge in comparison, slightly larger than a normal pinball machine of this time. (The top glass is 50 inches long and 21 inches wide.) The thing is, this huge top glass is silkscreened with the game’s scoring graphics, AND it’s not a tempered piece of glass (so it’s prone to cracking or breaking.) For this reason, we are restoring these top glass, but to new tempered glass. Below are picture of the original glass we were working from, and the new graphics cleaned up from this. We use direct print for this glass.