Bally Twin Win backglass modification

The 1971 Bally Twin Win was one of the first backglasses drawn by the infamous Dave Christensen. It’s a great glass, with an amazing looking female, who is very well drawn. The story is that Dave made a custom topless version for the Bally executives. Only a handful of these glasses were made, and most hung in Bally executives’ offices during the 1970s. We had a customer that wanted this version of the glass. Unfortunately, we couldn’t come up with even a decent picture of the topless version (best we found was on the IPDB, and the resolution was tiny.) So we made our own version of the glass. It’s not as detailed as the Dave Christensen original version, but hey, we do what we can do.

Here’s the Dave Christensen original topless version:

Here’s the original Twin Win glass for comparison:

Here’s our version, which is a modification of the original Twin Win glass: