Williams Gulfstream backglass restoration

In the case of the 1973 Williams Gulfstream pinball, this is a typical situation where the client wanted a new glass. This particular game is not worth a lot of money, so the chance of this game’s backglass being reissued was near zero. But the client loved this game, and wanted it to look its best. Hence they contacted us about fixing their original glass. Below is a picture of what we had to work with. The majority of the flaws were along the bottom of the glass, and in the main girl on the glass:

So we scanned the glass and recreated the missing/cracked artwork. Here’s the end product:

The glass doesn’t look that bad, but when back lit in the game, all the flaws and cracks and missing artwork shined through bright and clear. The back of the original glass really showed all the flaws:

The last step was to fix the back mask layer. This was a bit tricky as the original glass we were working from had a lot of flaws in this area. Here’s the end result: