Month: December 2012

Stern Nugent backglass restoration

The good thing about these classic Stern games is the copyright is not protected, leaving many people (other than us) to reproduce the classic Stern 1977-1985 backglasses without any legal fears. Because of this, when a customer walked in with a Stern Nugent backglass, we not only could restore his original, but can also sell […]

United Fifth Inning backglass restoration

This one came into the shop in about as bad of a condition as we ever want to see. It’s an old game this 1955 United Fifth Inning, but a fun one. I’m not sure how a targette shuffle alley and baseball go together, but United made it work. The question was though, can we […]

Gottlieb Flying Carpet backglass restoration

A guy walked in with his original Gottlieb Flying Carpet backglass. It was in pretty rough shape, with cracks in the inks over nearly the entire glass. He had bought the game without a glass, and after two years of searching, found this original glass. It was all he had, and obviously in pretty poor […]

Gottlieb Centigrade37 backglass restoration

Sometimes people want a new backglass for no particular reason. We really believe this to be the case here. The owner of the original said the colors were faded. Perhaps, but the condition otherwise of the original glass was very nice. Almost a shame to replace it, but we did the work requested. The nice […]

Williams Dispy Doodle backglass restoration

Customer came into the shop with a really nice 1970 Williams Dipsy Doodle backglass. The problem is, the entire right bottom corner was cracked. So we scanned in the original glass and fixed the cracks in Photoshop, giving a very nice fix to this otherwise parts machine. You can also check out the single player […]

United Derby Roll backglass restoration

A customer walked in with a 1955 United Derby Roll backglass that was broken. Normally fixing broken backglasses isn’t too bad, but in this case, we were missing the entire lower 1/3 of the glass! So what do you do? Well we checked out the internet for sites that had pictures of the glass, and […]

Williams Space Mission backglass restoration

At the time in 1975 when this game was released, they sold more 1975 Williams Space Mission pinballs than any other flipper pinball. So there’s a large amount of these games out there, and it was only a matter of time before someone needed their backglass restored. Though this example was in pretty good condition, […]