Month: October 2014

Bally Hang Glider glass restoration

We bought a Bally Hang Glider, and the glass was not in good condition. All the red areas of the kite were letting loose, and basically transparent. This glass really needed to be restored, which we did. Check out the before and after pictures below.

Williams Fast Ball glass restoration

Got a Williams Fast Ball pitch and bat score glass in the mail for restoration. Though not in terrible condition, you could tell when back lit, it wasn’t a very good glass. So restored it to like new condition. Check out the before and after pictures below.

Williams Jungle Lord backglass restoration

In to the shop walks a Williams Jungle Lord backglass for restoration. We never seen a really nice example of this glass, they all seem to have issues. This one wasn’t too bad, but the ink artwork was delaminating. So we fixed her up and restored this glass. The mirroring on the glass had to […]

Williams Grand Lizard restoration

In to the shop walked a 1986 Williams Grand Lizard pinball score glass for restoration. The original was peeling at the bottom along the edges of the score window cutouts, and had a large crinkle of ink through the middle of the glass. It was definitely ready for a restore, so we took on the […]