Month: January 2013

Gottlieb Star Race backglass restoration

A gentlemen walked into the shop with a 1980 Gottlieb Star Race backglass he wanted restored. From the front it actually looked pretty good, but from the back, there were a lot of touchups that bothered him. So we scanned the glass and cleaned up the artwork, and restored his original glass. Here’s the before […]

Williams OXO backglass restoration

The 1973 Williams OXO pinball backglass is one where it’s difficult to find a good example. We dug around for a while and managed to find one that wasn’t too flaked, scanned it, and corrected the artwork. There are some other digital re-makes of this glass out there, but they are generally pretty expensive. We […]

Stern Big Game backglass restoration

The 1980 Stern Big Game is a score glass that is often damaged. We waited for a decent example to come along, and then scanned it and repaired it in Photoshop. The problem often seen on this glass is the fading and peeling of the reds. We fixed all that, and here’s the before and […]

Gottlieb Countdown backglass restoration

Some games we see a lot of, and the 1979 Gottlieb system1 “Countdown” is one of those games. It’s rare to see one with a decent glass too. Unfortunately the original has some minor mirroring, which we can’t reproduce (at least not easily.) So that gets converted to color. But I think you’ll agree that […]

Bally Medusa backglass restoration

The problem with games using a 4-process color backglass is that no one wants to do a silk screen reproduction. The work is just too tedious to reconstruct in a vector art package. That’s where we come in, because our process does not require vector art (photoshop instead.) The 1981 Bally Medusa score glass can […]

Gottlieb Big Shot backglass restoration

This glass wasn’t in too bad condition, but the reds were flaking as were the flesh tones. So the owner wanted it restored to make his 1973 Gottlieb Big Shot pinball look extra nice (2 player version of Hot Shot). No problem, we scanned in the glass and cleaned up the artwork. Before and after […]

Gottlieb Pink Panther backglass restoration

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Gottlieb Pink Panther pinball with a decent backglass. But this one walked into the shop is decent condition. Certainly good enough to use as a start to making a new version of the glass. So we scanned in the front and back side, and cleaned up the art […]

Keeney League Leader backglass restoration

The 1958 Keeney League Leader is a rather rare pitch and bat baseball game. It is also a really fun and unique game, where the ball goes through the air and at the bat. So when one came up for sale with a bad backglass, we decided it was a good game to buy (knowing […]

Stern Freefall backglass restoration

Another great classic 1980s Stern pinball. A customer wondered into the shop with the 1980 Stern Freefall backglass, wanting a copy of his original glass. Since his was in decent condition, we were OK with scanning his original and doing some light editing to the work file. Below are the results (the original scan is […]

Gottlieb Kings & Queens backglass restoration

A guy walked in with a really bad condition 1965 Gottlieb Kings & Queens backglass. It was in such bad condition, we really didn’t want to try and restore it. But then he said his buddy had bought a new silk screened reproduction of the backglass, and he asked us to use this to fix […]

Williams Fun Fest backglass restoration

Something happened to this backglass in its life which created some defects dead center in the glass. The center girl had this quarter sized defect in her torso, and some extreme ink lost on her leg. It was pretty distracting. Add to that just some general ink delamination in a couple other areas, and this […]

Gottlieb High Hand backglass restoration

Though this glass was in very nice shape, the owner felt the colors were faded and muted. Can’t argue with that, so we restored this 1973 Gottlieb High Hand back glass for him. Below are the before and after pictures. Note we have also restorated the Add-a-ball version of this game (Capt. Card.)

Stern Galaxy backglass restoration

The good thing about these classic Stern games is the copyright is not protected, leaving many people (other than us) to reproduce the classic Stern 1977-1985 backglasses without any legal fears. Because of this, when a customer walked in with a Stern Galaxy backglass, we not only could restore his original, but can also sell […]

Bally Zip-a-Do backglass creation

So a guy walks into the shop and say, “hey I really need a Bally Zip-a-Do backglass.” We’re like, well, we don’t sell backglasses we restore them. His response is, “I have the glass, just it’s in about 100 pieces.” Well that’s a bit of a challenge! So we do some internet searching and can’t […]

Gottlieb Playball backglass restoration

A guy walked into the shop with this 1970 Gottlieb Playball backglass. At first look it didn’t seem too bad, but after viewing the back side of the glass I completely understood why he was interested in getting the glass restored. There was definitely damage that could be seen from the front (cracking like in […]