Month: August 2014

Gottlieb Show Boat glass restoration

We got a glass in the mail for a Gottieb Showboat wedge head. The glass was peeling pretty badly (especially around the “show boat” marquee), so it definitely needed restoration. Steve worked his magic, and it came out nicely. Check out the before and after pictures.

Williams Blackout score glass restoration

Williams Blackout pinball backglass came into the shop for restoration. Below is the result from the Black Out restoration. Note the original backglass is mirrored. If we have your original backglass, we can wash off all the original (peeling) ink, and re-use the original glass with new ink (saving the mirroring.) If we don’t have […]

Atari Centipede front glass restoration

Here’s one we’d never thought we would do, a video game front glass. This is the glass that surrounds the 19″ vertical monitor on the 1980 Atari Centipede game. Someone came into the shop with one of these glasses, and it was peeling badly. Scanned it in and touched it up in Photoshop. The results […]

Bally Rogo restoration/modification

We’ve done the Bally Rogo pinball glass restoration before, but here’s a new twist on it. A guy contacted us with a custom modification for his Rogo glass. He wanted the young lady in the glass “enhanced.” Who are we to say no to this? So check out the pictures below, before and after. ‘Normal’ […]

Bally Bus Stop restoration

In to the shop walked a terrible condition Bally Bus Stop pinball score glass from the 1960s. A fairly rare game, but it was just begging for restoration work. Check out the pictures below and what Steve did with this one, before and after.