Month: August 2015

Chicago Coin Bowling League backglass

We received a Chicago Coin Bowling League backglass for restoration. It was a pretty big mess, not just in paint loss, but also the glass was broken in several pieces. But Steve was able to recover the artwork and restore it to like new condition. Check out the before/after pics below.

Gottlieb Crosstown backglass restoration

We had a request to restore a Gottlieb Crosstown backglass. The owner’s glass was poor, missing much of the artwork. But we were able to borrow a good condition Crosstown glass and use that to restore the poor condition model. Below are the before and after pictures.

Williams Flintstones backglass (custom)

We were sent a modified translight for the 1994 Williams Flintstones and asked to sharpen it up, and to put it on glass. Note this is custom artwork with no “williams” logo (so WMS can’t say anything about it.) It is somewhat comical artwork, if you look closely. Anyway we put it on glass and […]