Month: April 2013

Gottlieb Old Faithful backglass restoration

Sometimes I wonder why we take on projects like restoring this 1949 Gottlieb Old Faithful backglass. Man this glass was smoked and hung up wet. It was considerable work to make it into something presentable. The oranges on the original glass were completely faded away too. Though not perfect (much missing from the original), I […]

Gottlieb Team One backglass restoration

The New York and Wisconsin add-a-ball games are pretty rare for this part of the country, but amazingly in walked a 1975 Gottlieb Team One pinball backglass for restoration (add-a-ball version of Abracadabra). As with most Gottlieb score glasses from this era, the reds had badly flaked on this backglass. So we scanned it in, […]

Williams Sorcerer backglass restoration

This was a case of stupidity on my part. I was given a 1985 Williams Sorcerer from a friend. He gave me the game because he tried to move it down stairs to his basement without removing the backbox. In the process, he broken the backbox right off the game. Now I do a lot […]

Williams Aqua Gun backglass restoration

We were delivered a Williams Aqua Gun (gun game) backglass for restoration. The transparent areas of the glass had flaked and the owner wanted it repaired. So we scanned the glass and did the restoration. Below are the before and after pictures.

Williams Big Ben (1954) backglass restoration

In to the shop walked a 1954 Williams Big Ben backglass for restoration. This is a woodrail pinball (not to be confused with the 1975 Williams Big Ben.) The glass was in amazing condition given it’s 60 years old, but clearly needed some restoration. Below are the before and after pictures.

Williams Nine Sisters backglass restoration

The 1953 Williams Nine Sisters is a pretty cool woodrail with several features that were recycled in pinball nearly 50 years later. So when a Nine Sisters backglass walked into the shop for restoration, we were more than happy to make it happen. Note in our original scan (first picture) the background for the three […]

Gottlieb Ace High backglass restoration

Not too many woodrail score glasses walk into the shop, but this one did. It was actually in pretty good condition considering it’s nearly 60 years old. But the cancer had started, and the owner wanted to preserve it and in the process, get a better looking glass. So we scanned it in, cleaned it […]

Williams Miss-O backglass restoration

A customer walked into the shop with this backglass in toe. It had definitely seen better days, but there was enough of the main artwork for a restoration. We scanned in the original glass and fixed the missing sections, then restored his original glass to like new condition. Check out the before and after pictures […]

Williams Swords of Fury backglass restoration

This was one of those examples were we were supplied with the backglass images already scanned. Generally we don’t like this, as our scanning methods ensure a good 300dpi scan and proper contrast. But sometimes this is the only way to get a glass started (if the game owner is paranoid about sending their original […]

Williams Penny Pitch backglass restoration

The mate to the EM arcade game “Ringer” is Williams Penny Pitch. They are identical games just with different themes. Personally we like the Penny Pitch score glass better than Ringer, so when one walked into the shop for restoration, we were excited. Below are the before and after pictures of the restoration.

Gottlieb Tropic Isle backglass restoration

This was a not-so-odd situation where the original owner had a good glass, but felt the colors were muted and dull. So we scanned the glass and increased the contrast, while still keeping the pantone-corrected colors. A lot of guys do complete game restorations and want a little more “pop” from their glass (even if […]

Bally Star-Jet backglass restoration

When this 1963 Bally EM multi-ball game backglass walked into the shop for restoration, we were all thrilled to do the work! What an absolutely cool backglass, with Jetson type artwork, yet with 1950s style pin-up artwork babes. It was a thrill to restore this glass. Check out the before and after pictures below.

Gottlieb Pin-Up backglass restoration

In walked a 1973 Gottlieb Pin-Up backglass for restoration. The orange “pin-up” back lit lettering had really peeled. Otherwise the glass was in good condition, but the lit orange area was in really poor condition. So we restored the glass for the fella. Below are the before and after pictures.

Gottlieb Lucky Hand backglass restoration

In walked a 1976 Gottlieb Lucky Hand backglass for restoration (add-a-ball of Jacks Open). The reds on this particular glass were really peeled. Though the rest of the colors were OK, the reds were extremely flaked. So bad that the owner said lit-up, the glass was insanely ugly. So we scanned the glass, fixed the […]