Month: January 2015

Gottlieb Lite-a-Card backglass restoration

We received this oritinal Gottlieb Lite-a-Card score glass in terrible condition. Note only lots of peeling, but the glass itself was broken in many places. We were able to get a good scan and then cleaned up the artwork, and restored the glass. Check out the before/after pics below.

Gottlieb Preview backglass restoration

This 1960s two player Gottlieb Preview score glass was an absolute mess. Major peeling everywhere, but there was enough left for a decent scan. Yea it was some work, but the restored glass came out great! Check out the before and after pictures.

Bally Boomerang backglass restore

A guy walked into the shop with a 1970s Bally Boomerang pinball glass. It wasn’t really in bad condition, with just some minimal fading and scratches. But he wanted it restored, so we took on the project. Below are the before and after pictures.