Month: April 2014

Evans Bat-a-Score backglass restoration

The 1948 Evans Bat-a-Score pitch and bat baseball is one of the most collectible coin operated baseball games out there. So when the backglass for this game, which was in about the worst condition we’ve ever tackled, came through the door, we were honored to work on the glass. The glass does have some mirroring, […]

CCM Gun Smoke backglass restoration

Sometimes we wonder why Steve takes on certain glasses for restoration. Yea we get it, what these people have games with glass where they “waited too long, the damage is too intense.” We would have thought this would be one of those glasses! But Steve pulled a rabbit out of his hat, and turned this […]

Williams Smart Set backglass restoration

In to the shop walks a Williams Smart Set backglass. Wow this glass has seen better days! Amazingly Steve took it upon himself to restore this glass. (Frankly I would have thought he would wait for a better example to start the graphics work with.) The results were outstanding, as you can see from the […]

Bally Firecracker restoration

Now here’s a game you just don’t see. But a guy walked into the shop with his original Bally Firecracker pinball score glass, and it was in bad need of restoration. The glass was really peeling, and we knew it could be fixed. So we scanned it and restored his original glass to like new […]

Gottlieb Pro Football restoration

See a lot of this 1970s Gottlieb Pro Football game, and usually the glasses are in decent condition. But in walked a gentlemen to our shop with a glass that was not only faded, but peeling. So we scanned it and cleaned up the artwork, restoring his original glass to like new condition.