Month: June 2013

CCM Top Ten backglass restoration

This was one of those weird situations where someone had their original glass scanned for us. This works great if you know someone with a large format high resolution scanner, as you don’t have to send your original backglass to us for scanning. We received the files and reworked them in our usual manner. Below […]

Williams Doodle Bug backglass restoration

We received a decent condition Williams Doodle Bug score glass in the shop for restoration. It didn’t need a lot of work for a change. Actually this was a treat, because some of these glasses are missing more ink than is present. Anyway, below are the before and after pictures. You can also check out […]

Williams Super Star backglass restoration

A guy walked in with a Williams SuperStar backglass that was peeling badly. This game isn’t a million dollar machine, but he wanted a good looking score glass for it. So we scanned it in and touched it up, creating a nice restoration for this machine. This glass was a big of a problem due […]

Gottlieb Jacks Open backglass restoration

In to the shop walked a Gottlieb Jacks Open backglass for restoration (replay version of Lucky Hand). This original glass was very faded, but overall in otherwise decent condition. So it was an excellent candidate for a restoration job. We scanned the glass and touched it up and Photoshop for the restoration. Below are the […]

Williams Big Deal/Big Dick backglass restoration

So a guy walks into the shop with a Williams “Big Dick” backglass for restoration and modification. But first some background on this score glass. The art work was originally done by the famous 1970s pinball artist Dave Christensen during the Captain Fantastic era. Christensen, who worked at Bally as an artist, was frankly a […]

Williams Aztec backglass restoration

The Williams Aztec machine is one that often does not have a good score glass. I don’t know why, but nearly every Aztec I’ve personally seen has some backglass issues. So when this glass walked into the shop for restoration, we thought it was an excellent candidate. After all, potentially a lot of people could […]