Month: February 2013

Williams Jolly Roger backglass restoration

The beauty behind these backglass restorations is you can take a game like say Williams Jolly Rogers, which really doesn’t have a lot of value, and give it an upgrade with a nice backglass. And without spending a zillion dollars in the process too. Because after all, who is ever going to re-issue a silk […]

Williams Travel Time backglass restoration

We did a restoration of a Williams Gulfstream awhile back, and felt it was time to do a restoration of the a Williams Travel Time. A timed style game, which is a little weird for an EM, but hey they needed a new glass. Below are the after pictures of the restored glass.

Midway Pirate Gun backglass restoration

Actually this original glass was in very nice condition. But we’ve been hearing from people that a number of individuals have this game with a bad backglass. For this reason we scanned it, touched it out, and are ready to restore other original glasses. Here are the before and after pictures:

Gottlieb Sky Jump backglass restoration

Another case where the original owner of this 1974 Gottlieb Sky Jump pinball just wanted to freshen up their game. The colors were too drab, faded and yellowed. So we scanned in the backglass and added some contrast to the backglass, giving it a brighter look. Here’s the before and after pictures:

Bally Big Valley backglass restoration

The 1970 Bally Big Valley is, I believe, the only 3″ flipper EM multi-ball game ever made (all other EM multi-ball games use 2″ flippers.) Regardless, the backglass walked into the shop, and was severely peeling. Now this game isn’t particularly plentiful, in fact, it’s probably pretty rare. But to add to that, this was […]

Midway Monster Gun backglass restoration

We just don’t do pinball backglasses, we also do other coin operated game glass work too. In this case it wasn’t so much of a restoration as a replacement. A guy walked into the shop with a 1965 Midway Monster Gun game score glass. The problem was, he had two of these games, but only […]

Williams Jungle backglass restoration

This glass wondered into the shop, and frankly, had seen better days. It wasn’t terrible – an older restoration had saved the glass from certain flaking and failure. But clearly the backglass for this 1960 Williams Jungle pinball needed restoration. Aside from the touchups, the original colors were extremely faded. Anywhere there was red, the […]

Stern Stargazer backglass restoration

The 1980 Stern Stargazer is one glass that most re-issue glass places won’t touch. The heavy usages of 4-process color and color dots makes it just too difficult to do a good silkscreen reproduction. We can however handle this task. Below are our before and after pictures of this Stern pinball glass.

Bally Champ backglass restoration

So a guy walks into the shop with his original 1974 Bally Champ backglass. We just couldn’t believe how faded the glass had become. It was weird too, because a lot of the red had faded, but not all of it. Also there was orange in the glass, which isn’t very predominate normally. So we […]

Gottlieb Jetspin backglass restoration

Another unusual circumstance where the original glass was in good condition, but the owner felt the colors were too dull and faded. So we increased the contrast on the colors and restored his original glass. We were extremely happy with how this glass came out, and we’re ready to restore your glass too. Here’s the […]

Bally Aladdins Castle backglass restoration

Another odd circumstance where the customer provided a scan of his backglass. Just wanted stronger bolder colors and a fresh look to his current backglass. We are hesitant to do this but hey, if they want their glass restored, then we’ll do it. Below are the before and after pictures of the Bally Aladdin’s Castle […]

Gottlieb Flip-a-Card backglass restoration

Another glass where the original back plane did not show up at the show, just the scan. So we cleaned up the scan and did a re-print for the customer. His original was faded, not too bad, but enough that it bothered him. Below is the before and after pictures.

Gottlieb Abracadabra backglass restoration

We received this Gottlieb Abra-ca-dabra backglass already scanned (replay version of Team One). The problem with this glass was the extreme fade in the colors, particularly the reds. With some re-work, we’re able to really make the restoration look quite good. (The first picture shows the the original faded colors.)

Gottlieb World Beauties backglass restoration

Here’s one that was a complete pain in the butt to do! In walked a guy with a 1959 Gottlieb World Beauties pinball backglass, and it was in pretty poor condition. We took on the restoration job, but frankly, we would have been better served not doing this one! The extreme detail in the artwork […]

Williams Thunderbird backglass restoration

Here’s another one of those 1954 Williams woodrail pinball backglasses that was in desperate need of restoration. The game was in good condition, but the backglass, not so much. There had been some previous repair work done in a less than professional manner. So it was our job to fix this work. Below are the […]

Gottlieb Jack in the Box backglass restoration

This particular Gottlieb Jack in the Box backglass had really seen better days (4 player version of Jumpin Jack). All the translucent red areas had flaked so badly that the areas were clear. So when this glass walked into the shop, it was a definite candidate for a restoration. Check out the before and after […]

Williams Colors backglass restoration

In 1954 Williams made some pretty innovative woodrail pinballs. One of these was Williams Colors. A customer wondered into the shop wanting us to restore his glass. The glass was in pretty bad shape, but we feel lucky that we were able to scan the original glass before the original ink completely flaked apart. We […]