Month: September 2014

Pinstar Gamatron backglass restoration

Pinstar was a company that Gary Stern started after the (original) Stern pinball went out of business in 1985, and before the start of Dataeast in 1987. Their one and only game was Gamatron, essentially a narrow body version of Stern Flight 2000. The game was sold by Gary Stern and Steve Kirk (Pinstar) as […]

Williams Base Hit backglass restoration

The Williams pitch and bat games often seem to need glass restoration. We are slowly getting a pretty good inventory of these glass restorations on file, so new requests go much quicker. Anyway here’s the 1967 Williams Base Hit glass restoration we just did. (Sorry no before picture.)

Williams World Cup 78 glass restoration

We’ve been working on and collecting pinball machines for a really long time, and I can’t ever remember seeing a 1978 Williams World Cup with a good backglass! I think these came from the factory pre-worn and flaking. So when we got a request to restore this glass, we were all for it. Below are […]